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ECHOES: Rediscovering Community was published quarterly from 1988 to 2017 to celebrate the diverse cultures and natural beauty of northern Maine and adjacent Canada. Based in Aroostook County, Maine, the magazine focused on positive values rooted in the past that have relevance for the present and the future. Its feature stories, essays, life stories, photos and poetry suggested there is permanence in the midst of change and value in remembering our roots.


PAST ISSUES of Echoes are a resource for writers, researchers, historians, genealogists, Aroostook County expatriates, travelers visiting The County, people discovering Echoes for the first time, people wanting to complete their collections or to give as gifts - anyone interested in rural culture. The Maine Historical Society & many Maine libraries retain collections of Echoes. 



Click on Looking Back for a brief overview of all 117 issues. View all covers and tables of contents in Past Issues. Purchase of Past Issues is now available with payment processing through PayPal. Mail order of Past Issues is also available when you print out and complete the Order Form and mail it with your check to Echoes Press, P.O. Box 626, Caribou, ME 04736. To send a message to Echoes, click on Contact. Questions? Call 207-498-8564 or email

The digital Echoes Past Issue Index is now available! The Index allows researchers and others interested in the stories and articles published over 117 issues to quickly and easily find the specific issue and page number for their topic or subject.               

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ECHOES: The Northern Maine Journal of Rural Culture

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