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Books by Kathryn Olmstead

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About the Author

Kathryn Olmstead co-founded Echoes with Gordon Hammond in 1988 and oversaw the magazine for its entire 117-issue run. She is a former Bangor Daily News columnist, prior editor of the Aroostook Republican, and served on the University of Maine journalism faculty for 25 years -- the last six as associate dean in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. She lives in Caribou, Maine.

Olmstead is author of True North, Flight to Freedom: World War II through the Eyes of a Child, The Story of Philomena Keller Baker and editor of Stories of Aroostook. 

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True North

Finding the Essence of Aroostook

Northern Maine retains qualities of life that many people long for in today's world. The pace can be slower, nature is close, the...

Stories of Aroostook

The Best of Echoes Magazine

For nearly thirty years, Echoes magazine brought the culture, heritage, landscape, and people of Aroostook County to ...

Flight to Freedom

The Story of Philomena Keller Baker

Philomena Baker is well known throughout Maine and New England for her long career as a professional portrait ...

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